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Improves battery life by reducing Standby mode to only 4 hours.


Your player enters Standby creative zen micro when you use the Sleep Timer or Idle Shutdown functions, or after you turn off your player. You must already have one of the following applications listed in Requirements below on your computer to perform this update successfully.

This software suite has been updated and combined for your convenience. It is easy to use otherwise and I think the sound is great. Unless I'm doing something wrong with battery.??

Need drivers for Creative Zen Micro.

First of all, have you tried the iPod Mini? If you tried it, would you tell me creative zen micro one is better? I'm talking about: design, sound quality and so on. Second, I've heard that if you run with the Zen Micro, the sound will jump up and will make weird sounds, is that true? And last, the Zen's earphones.

The sound quality is very good and the software is pretty good too. It's small sized and after a few creative zen micro, I got used to the touchpad. I haven't got any problems with it until now. The only negative point about it is that the FM-radio isn't good enough: I couldn't receive a lot of radiostations. To answer anyones firmware questions, I think that if you go to download the newest Not the beta! Just the regular update! I also heard that you can find the older firmware downloads in other places, but the newest supported firmware should be the best one and work the best. I don't actually own one, but really want one.

Creative Zen Micro - MP3 player Review Trusted Reviews

I have just done a lot of research on it. Between me creative zen micro a mate we've had five players all of which have broken, either the headphone port or the touch pad, so i would seriously discourage you from buying one!!! So I got the same player, and so far so good. Crossing fingers! Zen micro is the best Its the god damn stuck.

Shit on iPoD man Does it get easily scratched? Anybody can say anything about it but i encourage to buy this mp3 player.


I was wondering which one to get: the mini ipod or the zen micro. And ill tell you what, it was an awesome choice that i dont regret and looks creative zen micro a promising product. Basicly, if you are hesitating about what mp3 player to get, go for the zen. My only concern though is that it charges everytime you plug it in the PC, even though the indicator diplays a full battery; now my creative zen micro is if anybody has any idea or experience whether or not this will eventually affect the battery playtime or maybe even lifetime?

Need drivers for Creative Zen Micro. - Microsoft Community

A few days ago, after having listened creative zen micro it in bed the night before, I woke up, moved creative zen micro pillow and my gorgeous baby Zen slipped off my bed into a glass of water on the floor! I mean, what are the chances??? I've tried everything. I shook most the water out I don't know where the holes are though and the rest kinda seeped out by itself.


It was completely inactive for a day or two, then I plugged it in and it buzzed alot and eventually flickered a bit. I have just managed to get onto the Recovery Mode, but none creative zen micro it's working because of a 'hardware problem'. I would send it back, but the warranty doesn't cover water damage.

It was one of the first I read when I was looking into a new player. Anyway, so far I really dig the Zen Micro, for more reasons than I care to list.

Creative Zen MicroPhoto Repair

One thing should be emphasized, though. The Micro's user interface will frustrate many people at first.

I was wondering if I'd made a mistake buying the thing because the controls were so damned sensitive even when I set them to minimal sensitivity. But the next day, the problem was almost gone. I just got used to it. Now I think it's bloody awesome how easy it is to navigate.This download contains an improved version of the drivers found on the Creative ZEN and Jukebox installation CD. It provides Unicode support. For more details. Welcome to Creative Worldwide Support. Creative zen micro Micro application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website.

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