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Tried all the others in the test and found that this tee had the best feel, was durable and gave consistent performance. You should also try the Bugle Tee.


It is similar in that it provides for a consistent teeing height. It also has a wide top surface that makes it easier for those of us with shaky hands to place the ball on the top of the tee, and have it stay there. Nice review.

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audio integrated hda dolby digital capableThese Four Factors Help You Get More Distance Out of an Oversized Driver

Next, compare your driving range-real world golfers. Your real world results may yield a set of statistics.

If I have that data, I know based on my swing speed, solid contact in other words best swings I make what I am capable of achieving. Then I can verify these products.

How to Choose a Golf Tee Length SportsRec

I take your testing seriously but in the back of my mind I still do not know if your test group of golfers have similar swing characteristics as mine. This is important as it allows me to know the angle of impact, timing, etc. Again, I love this site best tee height for 460cc your testing. I just hope one day you can expand the test requirements.


Thank you. Rather than a definitive test, I best tee height for 460cc what you have here is a solid foundation for more testing. Latest Reviews. Fairway Woods. This results in a high percentage of driver shots being hit on the heel-side of the driver's face, especially when we tee the ball higher.

Test yourself this way: The next time you are at the driving range and set up to hit your driver, once in the address position stretch your arms out and move the club up to the ball's height. The size you choose is a combination of personal preference and knowing how high best tee height for 460cc tee the ball. Ad Choices. I do use a seniors flex graphite shaft, and have had very few problems with the driver so far. No feeling of a greater weight…just longer and more accurate drives.

I hit the big boys and think they definatley increase distance AFTER a period of experimenting with proper tee height and swing plane—I found a baseball style swing works for me otherwise I tend to get skyballs. A properly fitted shaft can best tee height for 460cc put into any driver head and the golfer will see immediate improvement. Follow his tips and see the positive results in no-time. One of the most useful shots in golf is the knockdown shot. Use this guidelines and practice at the driving range to find a proper tee height that fits your golf game and your goals. Nov 14, I'm with Augster. I put a Martini tee into play on June I'm going to see how long I can go before losing it. Matthew Hargraves wrote see.

I tried them before they went on sale as part of a user feedback group. Loved the way they looked at address but they snapped on virtually every drive. Not sure if they changed the plastic as a result.


May give them a go again. Currently use wooden tees with coloured banding which allows me to consistently set them at the correct height for me. What lengh tees do you use? Log in or register to post comments.

4 Tips For Blastin’ A 460cc Driver

Unfortunately, best tee height for 460cc answer to that question is rather complicated, as it depends on a number of variables. Driver heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the ideal tee height for you is going to depend in part on your club. If you tee the ball too low, you risk making contact with the top half of the ball at the point of impact. If you hit the top half of the ball, you may drive it into the ground or give it a severe topspin that results in a shorter tee shot. I haven't been able to replicate this experiment on the course because of the weather. So, my hypothesis is this, if you tee the ball lower you will go right and if you tee the ball higher you will go left.

Is this hypothesis correct or is this just because of my particular swing? Broken tees often get snapped off crooked on our tee boxes, and don't go back in ground best tee height for 460cc well. I can use just about anything, because I only tee my driver a little more than a 1 inch anyway.The key to hitting the ball farther with the best tee height for 460cc, cc driver and on the tee such that the top of the driver is no more than one-third of the way up the ball. stretch your arms out and move the club up to the ball's height. But the right height varies depending on the shot you're trying to hit When you tee the ball higher, you have a better chance of swinging up on.

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