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This brightens the background in flash shots, making for more natural-looking night photos. You can cancel the flash in Night mode too, for those times when you want to shoot with just the available light. Program mode keeps the camera in charge of both kodak dx 6490 and shutter speed, while Aperture and Shutter Priority modes let you control one exposure kodak dx 6490 while the camera selects the other.


Manual mode provides complete exposure kodak dx 6490, with the user able to set both aperture and shutter speed. To access exposure times longer than a half-second, you need to work in either shutter-priority or Manual mode.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 zoom digital camera — User's Guide

The DX employs a Multi-Pattern metering system by default, which bases the exposure on a number of light readings taken throughout the frame. Also available are Center-Weighted and Center-Spot modes.

Each full EV unit of adjustment represents a factor of kodak dx 6490 increase or decrease in the exposure. White balance options include Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, and Fluorescent settings, which take advantage of Kodak's proprietary Color Science technology to achieve an accurate color balance under most lighting.

In my testing, I've found the accuracy and flexibility of Kodak's auto white balance system to be second to none. ISO is adjustable kodak dx 6490 80,or equivalents, with an Auto setting as well, that automatically adjusts ISO over a range of The DX also offers a handful of color shooting options Saturated, Neutral, Sepia, and Black and Whiteas well as a sharpness adjustment. The built-in, kodak dx 6490 flash is effective from 2. Also included on the DX is a PC-sync socket for connecting a more powerful external flash unit another first in the EasyShare line. In addition to its still photography options, the DX also offers a Movie recording mode for capturing moving images with sound at x pixels, at approximately 24 frames per second.


Recording stops and starts kodak dx 6490 a full, brief press of the Shutter button, but if you hold the button down for more than a second or two, the camera will automatically stop recording when you let it back up again. As you record, the duration of the movie appears in a running counter on the LCD display. Kodak dx 6490 movie lengths depend on the amount of memory space available, as recording is limited only by available memory space. Although there is a menu option available that restricts movie length to 5, 15, or 30 seconds, handy for movies recorded with the self-timer.

Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490 - digital camera Series Specs

A Burst photography mode lets you capture as many as six frames in rapid succession approximately three frames per second while you hold down the Shutter button. Still, if you're looking for an especially easy-to-use camera with a 10X optical zoom and manual exposure modes that are more than window dressing, it's a good choice. I thought it was just my camera, being that it was used I started seeing other auctions that said the camera was great, but the lens cap will not stay on. I suggest buying a seperate rubber cap or something if you want to protect the lens. This switch sticks so bad, that sometimes I have to use TWO hands to switch to a different mode! Could just be my camera, kodak dx 6490 I think i have seen other auctions claiming the same thing I love the quality of the pictures, so it just must meen it is doing the job right!

Easy to hold, easy to store and easy to use! ZOOM: Absolutely incredible!

This thing for only being a 4. Pixel or photosite area is 6.

The larger the photosite, the more light it can capture and the more information can be recorded. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. Check out our gallery kodak dx 6490 sample images. Nikon has announced the winners of the Nikon Photo Contest, the 50th iteration of the international competition.

File:Kodak DX BW - Wikimedia Commons

We've rounded up the Gold Prize winners from each of the categories. This week Chris and Jordan review the Nikon mm F2. Does it measure up to the high expectations set by Nikon".


Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZBK 16MP Digital Camera with 40X Optical Zoom and 3". The Kodak EasyShare DX is a digital camera made by Kodak. No longer manufactured, the camera was part kodak dx 6490 the DX Series of Kodak's EasyShare brand .

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