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Nikon Super Coolscan ED - film scanner 35 mm Nikon Super Coolscan ED - film scanner 35 mm ls Nikon super coolscan 5000 ed the scanner upside down on a clean area. Set the scanner upside down. The power supply for all these scanners have the same ratings and dimensions and are interchangeable.

Nikon Coolscan LS-5000 Scanner

Two most common problems with these power supplies are:. The scanner can be powered ON and operated but you have to keep the power button pressed by hand. Not a good way nikon super coolscan 5000 ed scan. You'd better not digitse this kind of slides with the SF at all. The Nikon scan software brilliantly supports the SF after prescanning the first image you can make all settings like scan area, resolution and colour settings. These settings then apply for all images being scanned in one pass.

Super COOLSCAN 5000 ED

The maximum number of batch scans is 99 by the way, you can not set a higher number with the software. The images are automatically numbered serially, for example Image Of course you can't place 99 slides into the magazine at once. But nothing argues against placing further slides in nikon super coolscan 5000 ed half-empty input magazine and remove the already scanned slides out of the half-full output magazine during scan mode, in order to allow non-stop scanning of up to 99 images. Overall I can say that the slide feeder SF is a worthwhile purchase for people who have to digitise thousands of slides.

Nikon Coolscan eBay

But you should be aware of the fact that not everything works fully automatically by itself and without problems, but that you have to check the scanning process from time to time and that - just like with a copier - you sometimes have to manually remove jams. The APS adaptor is installed in the scanner just like the strip film holder until it locks in place. After all ist's responsible for the automatic film transport. You can place IX films with 15, 25 or 40 frames negative or postive in the adaptor. Attention: only developed films can be placed in the adaptor, otherwise a mechanism prevents closing the front cover. If you try to close it anyway, you can damage the APS adaptor. Right after placing the film in the adaptor an automatic pulls the film out of nikon super coolscan 5000 ed cartridge by itself.

The cover of the APS adaptor is nikon super coolscan 5000 ed then and can not be opened any more.


Even if the computer crashes the cover stays locked as long as the film wasn't rewind back into the cartridge. In this case only restarting the scan software and rewinding the film by clicking the appropriate button helps.

With an index scan you'll get thumbnails of all images on the film. Thereby you can see if all frames are exposed or if the film has been rewind before. When scanning a single image it can of course happen that the whole film has to be winded first, what can take a lot of time if you want to scan frame 3 nikon super coolscan 5000 ed then frame 37 for example. But it's really comfortable to scan a whole APS film at once: if you make the desired settings after prescanning for example image 1, then you can assign these settings to all other images and scanning the whole film proceeds fully automatically in batch mode. That's really comfortable!

It's not a pleasure to scan certain IX films which can not be winded easily.

Here problems with drawing in the film frequently occur - the adaptor crashes and you can't use it anymore! More refinements More refinements Delivery Options.

Any Free International Shipping. Kaiser anti dust spray for film cleaning and scanner cleaning. Small picture film scanner Optical Resolution: 4.


It is very fast in top quality slide scanning. Handy accessories for batch scanning is available optionally: adaptor SF for framed slides and SA for whole film rolls.New scanner Nikkor Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass lens. Proprietary LED illumination technology. Amazingly fast second scanning.

Coolscan Review byThom Filmbodies Thom Hogan

Newly-developed. We still have a couple of Nikon scanners and Nikon accessories available in our film scanner shop. After all Nikon was indisputably leading the market in all classes concerning quality and possibilities with the LS, Super Coolscan and the Super Coolscan

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