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If you want to simply remove the tag, a conversion with a profile in these applications will take place none the less. The difference is the Working Space CMYK profile will be used for the source and that1s very likely not colorpass v55 correct profile to be using. A profile needs to be used.

You simply send the same numbers provided to the device? You get ugly output as we heard from Dave. If any colorpass v55 of conversion is going to take place, a profile will be used at least in any modern version of Photoshop. Or are you suggesting you can fix all this using standard tools? That1s fine.

Canon ColorPASS V55 Compatible Video Card Upgrades

Laborious but fine. Colorpass v55 isn1t the only way to fix the issue. The conversion did work. He fixed the problem using profiles and conversions.

He had a profile for his house device. He used a profile to get back to RGB. He can send the numbers he is supplied by an admittedly bone headed customer who gave him CMYK optimized for a colorpass v55 printer or he can convert.


The issue wasn1t that he had an embedded profile, the issue was he got bad CMYK numbers. All the profile did was allow him to colorpass v55 what his customers intent was to the Laserwhat his output would look like if he simply sent those numbers to his printer Ugly output and a way to get from the supplied CMYK to a new set of CMYK values. In the future, any tagged CMYK file will colorpass v55 a nice indicator of what might possibly happen if he sends the numbers to his printer. Can you possibly explain why that would be a bad thing Dan?

Bad numbers are bad numbers. Profiles don1t kill jobs, people kill jobs. Contact request form Receive Schedule and Pricing updates. P work Copyright colorpass v55 Ledet Training. All Rights Reserved.


That sounds like a reasonable guess to me as well. Where the RGB values neutral?

Colorpass V55 display "disk full"

I don't know if the client's profile is bad somehow or if it is such a major change 5C 3M 30Y in what is visually a light colorpass v55 on screen that profile-to-profile just can't handle it. We have had some luck trying different combinations of rendering intents and black point compensation on or off but the best result is when we have the client convert them to RGB and then everything works fine. If your policy is to make whatever CMYK you are given work - then it is your duty to do this.

Hope this helps, Stephen Marsh. When sent directly from InDesign to the Iris, we did no conversions. But colorpass v55 the less, you have two options: 1. No, I1m saying the numbers in the file are sound based on the tag and that colorpass v55 should be able to: 1.

Do you have any links? I'd like to follow through with this type of testing.


They may have provided CMYK optimized for newsprint and expect you to print on coated paper ugly output colorpass v55 their intentions where provided with the tag. Lets look at the other side of the equation. We like to believe like Dan that anyone that provides a file that is tagged is kind of stupid and didn1t tag the file correctly. I guess the tag showed up on it1s way from the customer colorpass v55 the currier1s van. Anyway, let1s assume it1s of no use. Fine, you open the file in Photoshop to inspect it and remove the tag. Now you are viewing the file in whatever CMYK space you have set in color pref1s. That could be your house profile.Canon · Consumer Product Support · ColorPASS Series Support - Download drivers, software, manuals.

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