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While there may be a circuit that works using a pullup resistor, the method I describe below uses a 10k pulldown resistor instead. Citing the Original Article. They don't have to be connected. So you can make your own Quad driver for diy cat4101 led cost of a Single from stevesleds.

Programming: Next attach a power supply of at least 7. Connections: Once programmed the driver is ready for use. Did you make this project?

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Internet of Things Class. I created gerbers and sent an order to ITead. But for future use, this is a pretty cheap DIY fro people like me. I thought Jedi explained that diy cat4101 led voltage is not directly related to wasted heat?

This is the schematic for one driver of the 8 driver board. I believe the differences are that the 3 drive diy cat4101 led does not have a 5 volt regulator and there is no potentiometer for manual dimming.

DIY LED Drivers with Microcontroller - Page 2 - Do It Yourself - WAMAS Forums

The three driver version can be found here: Quote:. Originally Posted by DustinB. I was just drawing it out and figured that I don't need that much voltage. Since the is there to regulate the current, I don't have to worry about the current divider breaking down when I alter the actual current through diy cat4101 led given set of 3. If you can find a 24 volt diy cat4101 led.

One other thought. It maybe cheaper to separate the controller and driver into 2 boards. This would cover the worst case condition of Vmin diy cat4101 led 10V and Vmax car 15V. Note that thing will get very hot. Recommend the metal encased type that can be screwed to a frame member to be used as a heatsink. Using a active regulator like I did will keep the brightness constant regardless of input voltage. The requirements are a bit more stringent than driving an LED. I hope you don't mind if I examine your source code. I could be speaking out of my butt. I am sure a diy cat4101 led person will correct me if I am completely wrong.

The final mounting is horizontal to mate up to the fiber optic whip from my scope. In my design, I used a fixed Ohm resistor in series with a 5K trimpot. The fixed resistor protects against accidentally setting zero ohms on the trimpot, and potentially destroying the CAT and your LEDs.

The preferred method is to set the maximum LED current you want and that your LED can handle indefinitelyand then forget it! This is called low side control, as the control device diy cat4101 led on the lower voltage side.

High Power LED Driver

There is not a lot of special considerations when designing the PCB. I have included my gerber files and Eagle files. The zipped gerber files are the exact ones I diy cat4101 led to Seeedstudio, so there should be no problem with them, and should come back without problems.

The silkscreen on the board that says " This can, in fact, handle 25V. But everybody do that :. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Easy CAT LED Driver: As part of a larger home automation project in my small apartment, I wanted to make a LED lamp. This required making some LED. 10W Diy cat4101 led Driver and Dimmer: This project came about from my need for a light The CAT datasheet includes the following table for setting LED current.


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