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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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Also mirrored to ibiblio.

Icecube wrote: There is also a bug in your ubcd. Featured on Meta. Should fix divide by zero errors. For example, all disk information of all disks connected to SiI controller are displayed under DOS - but under Windows, this freedos udma may provide only limited information.

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Likely a very "confusing" paragraph, for the average user! Do freedos udma to write "simplified" English so freedos udma of your users will understand what is going on. I target "4th graders", which some view as insulting. All true, with V6. SYS drivers!


I cannot speak for Linux, as I have never used it. Jack R. Why not. And in my humble freedos udma, mixing old and new code is not the best possible idea.

Windows 98 SE and FreeDOS on Wildcat Point

Albeit not formally required, a request for permission from Jack freedos udma use of his new source code in other programs would greatly be appreciated by him. This wasn't a question. As for me, I won't talk to Mr. But no need to worry, I won't use his source then However, since the source apparently is NOT free at least not in the sense I understand freedomit might be a good idea to clarify the conditions when and how to use it in the readme. What "clone" do you mean? Have you read that its free to use and convey?

As to Jack Ellis, you obviously fear his new source code, which is free, by the way - so if you can't understand it, please find a better excuse not to use it than falsely calling it "non-free"! I hope THAT is clear-enough for you all. Andreas Grech.

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Ok, another one of those pathetic "debates". If I have to freedos udma a permission from Mr Ellis to use the source, it cannot be called "free".

These "he fears the source code" and "he can't understand it" remarks are from Mr. Ellis, if Freedos udma understand you correctly. Everyone else is busy marveling over their iPad and iPhone oooh, round corners Like you, I miss being able to actually communicate directly to the freedos udma, from the command line. I miss hand tweaking my config. We actually knew exactly how much power the system had, because we easily found ways to saturate it, just to get every ounce of power out of it. Back then, we did things just because we COULD, and we enjoyed learned from crashing and burning stuff.

I also remember the good old days when the Internet was hard to use. THOSE were the days.


No spam, no popups, and if you could find a website, likely it had real information on it because only computer "experts" and universities had servers. The days before the "Browser Wars", when every Congressman didn't know what the Internet was, instead of now where they know what it is, but still have no idea what it is. You can't recreate them, or duplicate them, so those days are gone for good. It's up to us to create new ideas to eventually become "the good old days". Nostalgia is a deceptive mistress. It tends to glorify things that weren't objectively good but carry sentimental feelings. You miss communicating directly with hardware and editing DOS startup files, but the DOS developers who had to support everybody's esoteric PC hardware sure don't.

In fact, those days were a step back from the initial push in the 60s and early 70s toward higher-level abstraction that we've only now come back around to freedos udma took a detour from during the initial commoditization of low-end PC hardware. But you explained why you liked it--a sense of mastery that mentally justified the time investment. Fuck that. Perhaps the entire PCI bus was missing.


freedos udma I wish all of us here would just ignore him and any proxy messages on his behalf. Jack just sent me version 2. If you stumble across my new post and can help out, I would freedos udma appreciate it.

Thanks again!SYS has to be loaded in / When FreeDOS is already running, you can load / later with DEVLOAD. When FreeDOS is already running, freedos udma can load UDVD. This causes "raw mode" input requests to be rejected, as UDMA requires sectors that are an even.

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