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The slide carrier has individual slots for each frame. They are spring mounted to ensure the slide sits tight in the carrier opticfilm 7600i they are easy to load and unload. The film carrier has apertures for six frames, but a strip of four could be loaded. Multi-Exposure 1. Brooks, All Rights Reserved.

Plustek OpticFilm i SE Film Scanner Review ePHOTOzine

It functions on a virtual preview interactive window and supports making all of the corrections and adjustments virtually, which are opticfilm 7600i saved to a finished file behind the scenes opticfilm 7600i any format desired. The Plustek i SilverFast driver application can also support all of the different standard methods of scanning.


Canon Scanners. While Nikon and Canon have gone quiet on the film scanner department, they did always increase scanning resolution when a new model was introduced to encourage upgrades. So if you're an existing Plustek owner you'd better wait and see if we feel the increased d-max is enough to make you exchange, while any newcomers to film scanning can be satisfied that this is still a opticfilm 7600i good resolution - the Nikon LS50 has dpithe CanoScan FSUS now discontinued was also only dpi and the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite also discontinued was dpi.

The scanner comes with a mounted slide carrier to hold four transparencies and a negative carrier to hold a strip of six.

However, currently Get From Scanner gives me "Film Scanner" which either previews and scans black negs or doesn't work at all without Silverfast installed. However, the package doesn't include a full-fledged photo editor, like Adobe Photoshop, that would offer the same level of sophistication for editing as SilverFast SE does for scanning. Every day more than 10, people download VueScan to fix their old scanner Now it's your turn to bring your scanner back to life - and keep it out of the landfill Download VueScan for Windows Download VueScan. Dymo CardScan Personal But with three packages to choose opticfilm 7600i, it may not be immediately obvious which way to go. This is indeed a 35mm frame from the s. Opticfilm 7600i bundled version of SilverFast actually does quite well with the generic ICC profile, no doubt because the LED light source doesn't vary as much as older light sources did.

≫ Plustek OpticFilm i Ai vs Plustek OpticFilm i Ai: What is the difference?

By itself, it might be enough for the casual user who can live with color capture that's credible. The included targets are, unlike other IT8 targets, barcoded so the software can look up the target data all by itself. If the data file isn't present on your hard disk, it goes to the Web to see what the scanned values really are before building the ICC profile. What is new in the case of the i is that now, the device also works with MacOS. All previous models could be only operated with windows computers, but the new OpticFilm i can be finally also operated with the operating system of Apple without any problem. In this test report it will be cleared if the troubleshooting of the previous model has been actually successful, the performance the device will deliver in practice, opticfilm 7600i how the image quality of the OpticFilm i actually is.

The box in which the Plustek OpticFilm i is delivered contains everything what is needed for the digitalisation of 35mm images and more: apart from the scanner itself, there is an adapter for film strips for a maximum of six images and one for up to four framed slides included in the package. Moreover, a power supply, a USB cable, a bag that no one really needs and a software package are included. This consists on the NewSoft Presto! In case one chooses opticfilm 7600i Ai Studio version, the IT-8 calibration target is additionally added. The maximal optical resolution of the Plustek OpticFilm i is about ppi; this is an extremely high value, at least written on paper.

Test report Plustek film scanner OpticFilm 7600i review

By scanning a 35mm negative or a 35mm opticfilm 7600i with this resolution, an image of approximately 70 million pixels is generated. We scanned a variety of 35mm film on both systems. With the bundled software, we scanned vintage s Kodak color negatives and Ektachrome slides. Negative scanning relies on the built-in NegaFix module to convert opticfilm 7600i scan to a positive.

And we had no complaints. The images of Lake Tahoe were crystal clear with vibrant water opticfilm 7600i skies.


Our slides of garden flowers were nicely captured using the generic ICC profile to deliver good color and sharpness after unsharp masking. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that opticfilm 7600i they're a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Whether you're new to the Micro Four Thirds system or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of lenses available for you. We've used pretty much all of them, opticfilm 7600i in this guide we're giving your our recommendations for the best MFT lenses for various situations. Concerning the bluish cast you are seeing with color negative film, did you try other color negatives? You will find that ALL color negative film vaires from one film batch to another for the same exact film type EX- Kodacolor Any provided color negative scanner profiles are at best an approximation and will normaly have some color cast due to emulsion batch differences. Movies Learn more about all SilverFast highlights and advantages. A profile can improve color accuracy when scanning slides but not negatives.

Both versions also include a simplified scanning program called Plustek Quick Scanand Presto! Now it's your turn to bring your scanner back to life - and keep it out of the landfill. In the case of a curved or waved film strip, a lot of fiddly work is required: one opticfilm 7600i to somehow get the film strip more or less positioned, the film strip adapter is then slightly closed, then the horizontal alignment of the bars has to be accomplished and by this way, the cover has to be slowly closed.


Those who have a lot of curved or waved opticfilm 7600i strips to scan will need some good nerves in order not to get desperated opticfilm 7600i this meticulous work.Lasersoft Imaging Inc. asked me whether I would be interested in preparing a review of the Plustek i-Ai film scanner, which comes bundled with SilverFast. The Plustek OpticFilm i is the successor of the OpticFilm i and offers now an improved dust and scratch correction iSRD.

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