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I it is going high then you are creating too much loft at impact. Have a look at the …. This is where you are more likely to fix your problem. If your club face is stronger then your ball flight will immediately go lower and farther. The club face is then main thing you need to focus proper golf grip for. Take a look in that vault and let me know if you have any questions at all.

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Get a Proper Golf Grip. Types of Golf Club Grips.

Proper Golf Grip: 8 Simple Steps To A Better Grip (& More Distance)

Read Your Golf Grip. This then leaves the V created by the thumb and forefinger of your right hand pointing up towards the right chest. Your golf club shop can advise you on a proper golf grip for size. Take the golf potential quiz to get a FREE personalized video lesson and discover how to transform your golf game — in as little as 1 lesson. Always pick it up in your weaker hand first left hand for a right handed golfer. Allowing for about a half inch of the club to poke out of the top of your grip.


Which opens up the club face. But for now? Keep it nice and neutral. Ultimately, you should do whatever feels natural and comfortable but that still produces results.

In the left hand apply the pressure on the pad of the hand and proper golf grip for index finger. On the right hand, pressure with the two middle fingers. The right thumb and forefinger are simply placeholders.

Years later, Jack Nicklaus described his feelings on grip pressure in his highly popular book, Golf My Way: On the left hand pressure with the last two fingers, pressing the shaft into the palm. On the right hand, pressure primarily with the middle two fingers.

Proper Golf Grip

And most important, maintain consistent pressure throughout the golf swing in both proper golf grip for. The position of the thumb can have a direct impact on a golfer's clubhead speed and control of the shaft proper golf grip for the top of the backswing. It is generally understood that the long left thumb increases range of motion while the short thumb restricts range of motion. Of course, everyone wants more distance. However, sometimes having control of your weapon leads to a better strike and thereby more distance.

Six steps to a proper golf grip - Golf Digest

I have used both a long left thumb and short left thumb throughout my golfing life. Sometimes changing from a proper golf grip for to a long or vice versa is just what you need to break out of a slump. The extra rotation of the bottom hand means the club face will have a squarer impact, helping to hit the ball straighter and further. The major disadvantage of the strong hold is that it can shut the club face at the top of the backswing, leading to a hooked shot to the left.

A weak grip suits those who consistently hook the ball to the left. Want more instruction from top teachers and tour pros? Check out Golf Digest Schools for series of video lessons. A fundamentally sound grip helps you create power and feel at the same time. Wrist action is proper golf grip for power source and gripping the club too much in the palm of your hand reduces wrist action. So playing with a flexed lead wrist and a strong grip could lead to big trouble a case of the hooks.Proper golf grip is crucial to a great golf swing. It will improve your ball striking, make you more consistent, and give you an all-round better golf game. In this article we will cover how to hold a golf club with a proper golf grip. I will give you a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a proper golf.

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