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And wtf? I have PB kick Maybe problem in kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver updates? Good luck Brian Madsen, we need your help lol. Sorry Leo, i tried uninstalling the updates and rolling back to an older restore point. It did not work. Got the same error on Win 7 x64 Build I have the API funtion error with most of the time, but the last 2 or 3 characters can change every now and then.

PB error..

This is with CoD4 strangely BF2 runs fine :s. Odd thing is I can run CoD 5 without errors for as long as I like, so the error cannot just be with Windows. There has to be an erroneous call from most kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver PnkBstrB process. Also the PnkBstrB process should definitely not be able to alter its settings without the permission to do so. This is totally in breach of privacy regs and does come under the moniker of virus. Well after trying a few things I have to agree with kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver guy who made the PBtoolv1 and conclude that whatever is resetting PnkBsterB to the 10 setting when it should be is causing this issue on Win 7 x That is something that it should not be able to do.

Do the same with PnkBstrB. Now go to Services and scroll down untill you find PnkBstrB, double click on it and disable it and stopp it, play cod4mp i normal mode and enjoy! This worked perfect for me I have windows 7 build 64bit played on it for an hour no api messages.


Evenbalance should go bankrupt. I installed the new Nvidia drivers for my card and havnt had an issue kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver. Dont quote me on it, but so far so good. Ill let you guys know further info. Those who useing bit it not only kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver busters for being lazy a lot of software venderd are slow updating their software to bit. The problem is not window 7 it running 64 bits. Window 7 32 bit Nvidia When punkbuster is preventing consumers from buying games they are times worse than the hackers they are supposed to be stopped. Punkbuster and all companies supporting them should be boycotted.

Dont get me wrong like the game and love windows 7 but the lack of support is a pain…. Eyal — what error do you get? I am useing same build of windows 7 and nothing works.

COD4, PunkBuster, and Steam -- helpful info inside - Activision Community

Kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver are the punks! I would dearly love to kick them in the backside for the hours of fiddling around, not just with Win 7 but every other OS as well. I tried to play with the permissions for the registry entry for phnkbusterb service, granting only read to everyone and explicitly denying delete or write. Call of Duty 4 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 build nVidia For whatever reason, the Aero theme being enabled causes Punkbuster to think there is some sort of hack in use?

The trick there suposed is to run Punkbuster in Vista compatibility mode. To do this, go to your PnkBstrA. Go to properties and change to Vista compatibility mode.

Thats it. Good luck all.

I tried the fix posted right above and it does not work with Vista Compatibility mode. Maybe XP Service Pack 2 compatibility could work? Prolly not. Have been getting this error quite a bit over the last few days.

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The strange thing is; it only started appearing after turning down my video settings in-game because of performance issues. I remember that Real-Tek had nothing to do with it, although that's what I started kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver since everyone seemed to have so much trouble with the on-board and COD4.

Kicked out of COD4 servers - Disallowed Program Driver - Call of Duty 4 - PBBans

Are you kicked from cod4 disallowed programdriver it directly from the executable? What version do you have, Digital or Physical copy? Also, what OS are you on?for some reason I keep getting kicked out of any COD4 server with this error message: RESTRICTION:Disallowed Program/Driver []. hey everyone, i just installed cod4 on my laptop through steam and i keep getting kicked by punk buster for a disallowed program/driver about.

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